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We Are All Made of  Stories

Come and be a part of the next chapter of ours.

While the first event under the AfterDark banner was held in the summer of 2021, AfterDark is the natural evolution of over a decade of ethical and inclusive kink, BDSM and alternative event organizing in the San Francisco Bay Area.


We are a POC, femme, queer, neurodivergent, and disabled led group that organizes exciting, curated, vaccinated events for the San Francisco Bay Area kink and alternative-sexualityy communities. Our leadership team  have been deeply involved in these communities for over a decade. For example, one of our events, "SPANK!," is the oldest continuous running public kink party in the Bay Area.

AfterDark Events currently organizes pop-up parties and other events aimed at safely helping people in the kink and alternative-sexuality communities connect, explore, learn and play.  People enjoy our events because they are fun, high-quality, innovative, while having a strong emphasis on safety, enthusiastic consent, and inclusivity.


We organize pop-up events at a number of locations across the Bay Area. Our events usually center around a specific theme catering to different segments of the San Francisco  Bay Area community, meaning that each party attracts a different pool of attendees. Our party sizes typically range from 100 to 200 attendees depending on the venue and the event.

We look forward to continue serving our communities for many years to come. 

Image by Maria Vlasova

 Connect, Explore, Learn and More!

Image by Simone Secci



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