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Event Rules &Consent Guidelines

Our events are friendly and fun spaces to connect, learn, explore, socialize, and play. We can all help keep them that way by making sure we observe the event rules. Everyone is responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding by the rules for the event they are attending. 

Consent Guidelines

Consent is paramount at all events hosted by AfterDark. “Consent” means a person’s willingness and ability to engage in a specific act; consent requires explicit prior permission that is VOLUNTARY, INFORMED, and ENTHUSIASTIC.

  1. DO NOT touch anyone on any part of their body without their explicit prior permission, even if they have given you consent to touch them in the past. This includes non-sexual types of touch, such as hugs and tapping someone on their shoulder.

  2. DO NOT touch anyone’s belongings without their explicit prior permission.

  3. DO NOT address anyone using honorifics, pet names, any potentially offensive terms, or violating words unless they have given explicit prior permission.

  4. DO NOT engage in any forms of kink, BDSM, or sexual activities with anyone without FIRST receiving explicit prior permission and consent in a manner that is VOLUNTARY, INFORMED, and ENTHUSIASTIC.

    • VOLUNTARY consent means that the consent is freely given, without pressure, coercion, or manipulation. When seeking out voluntary consent, be aware of power differentials between individuals (e.g., age, leadership position within the community, levels of experience, etc.). 

    • INFORMED consent requires discussing the risks involved in the proposed activities and the steps needed to reduce those risks, including study, training, technique, and safety measures. Informed consent also means disclosing if you are under the influence of any amount of mind-altering substances, including alcohol, prescription medication, or cannabis. NOTE: intoxicated individuals may not attend our events. 

    • ENTHUSIASTIC consent means that all individuals are positively expressing their affirmative desire to engage in proposed activities; you are looking for the presence of a “HELL YES,” not just the absence of a “NO.” 

  5. DO NOT attempt to negotiate or renegotiate consent once kink or sexual activity has begun, unless it is to revoke consent for previously agreed upon activities. DO NOT join a scene in progress even if invited to do so. A person who is in an altered state of mind of any kind, including play-induced headspace, may not be able to give informed consent – even if the people playing with them are asking you to join in. Participatory scenes may be allowed on a case-by-case basis with prior approval by Event Hosts.

  6. DO NOT continue any activities if consent is withdrawn. Any participant in a scene has the right to withdraw consent at any time by means of a mutually agreed-upon safeword; a non-verbal safesign; or by using the house safeword “SAFEWORD”. Once consent is withdrawn, all activities must end immediately. 

  7. DO pay close attention to your partner(s) during play and check in occasionally for ongoing enthusiastic consent and a desire to continue with the activities (not just the absence of a safeword), especially if you sense that they may be uncomfortable.

  8. DO NOT do anything likely to result in serious bodily injury or go beyond a participant’s reasonable expectations, even where the participant gave consent.

  9. DO NOT interrupt ongoing scenes unless it is any absolute emergency. If you have safety or health concerns about a scene in progress, talk to a Playspace Monitor or to an Event Host.

  10. DO inform the Playspace Monitor ahead of time if you plan on engaging in activities that may have the appearance of being non-consensual. 

  11. DO wear your mask in compliance with event rules – THIS IS A CONSENT ISSUE.


Event Rules 

AfterDark hosts private events. Entry and ongoing access is always at the discretion of AfterDark. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for any reason, including if they appear to be intoxicated, are potentially harmful to themselves or others, ignore dungeon rules, or engage in unsafe, exploitative, non-­consensual, or obnoxious behavior of any kind. The decision to remove a guest from the event may only be made by an Event Host. Their decision is final. If you have to be asked to leave, you will not receive a refund.

  1. DO NOT engage in any of the following activities which are prohibited at AfterDark events.

    • ANY forms of  “breath play” including: choking; “light choking;” “blood choking;” strangulation; asphyxiation; simulated choking; hand wrapped around the neck; waterboarding; drowning; rope or other materials being wrapped around a neck in a manner that simulates or actually impedes breath or blood flow; rope or other materials being wrapped around a neck and connected to a hard point, fixture, or piece of furniture; etc. 

    • ANY activities involving an open flame, including: using candles; “wax play;” fire cupping; fire flogging; fire batons; etc.

  2. DO NOT engage in any audio recording, videotaping, or photography anywhere in the event venue. Cell phones are permitted in the venue but must remain on silent and put away at all times (cell phone use is permitted outside of the venue). Application-controlled toys may be permitted on a case-by-case basis with prior approval of the Playspace Monitor and the use of tape to cover cell phone cameras. 

  3. DO NOT use play equipment for non-play activity such as sitting, socializing, or for holding toys.

  4. DO NOT attempt to “reserve” play equipment. 

  5. DO NOT engage in any illegal activities at the event. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol are permitted inside the venue. 

  6. DO NOT engage in any activities involving urine EXCEPT for in designated showers or other designated spaces. 

  7. DO NOT engage in any activities involving feces.

  8. DO NOT masturbate unless in a scene with at least one other person.

  9. DO NOT use locks to confine anyone in a cage or to a fixture or piece of furniture. 

  10. DO treat the event, event space and equipment with respect.

  11. DO respect your fellow attendees by cleaning equipment after using it. 

  12. DO dress according to the event dress code. Full nudity is permitted inside of the venue, but DO NOT sit on furniture with bare bottoms/genitalia. Guests must have their genitalia fully covered if they go outside. 

  13. DO recognize that by playing at our event, you may at times be watched by other attendees. 

  14. DO understand that you may watch scenes from a respectful distance as long as watching does not interrupt the energy of those scenes.

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