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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when I arrive?

When you first arrive there will be a security guard checking ID, vaccination cards and tickets. After that you’ll be asked to show a photo of the rapid test (with the date and name on it) that you took before arriving. If you do not have this photo you will be required to purchase and take a test before entering. Once you show your test, or your onsite test comes back negative you’ll be given a wrist band and asked to sign in.


Are there lockers to use for free or rent?

This varies between locations, but currently most venues we use do not have lockers. Most venues have free storage cubbies and/or a coat check, that is usually complimentary.

Will there be food & drink available?

AfterDark provides food and drinks at all parties. We cannot meet everyone's needs, but we strive to provide high-protein, vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. We’ll always have water at events but often have other options – soda, lemonade, iced coffee, ect. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please make sure to bring what you need to stay healthy, hydrated, and satiated. Note that most locations do not have a microwave/refrigerator available.


What is the cellphone and photography policy? 

AfterDark has a strict no cell phones policy at its events. Please keep your phone out of sight at all times inside the venue; if you must answer a text or take a call, do so outside. Additionally, no photographs or videos are to be taken by participants at any event. Some events will have a “House Photographer” who is hired by AfterDark staff to take consensual photographs of attendees. Only this person may take photos, and only with the enthusiastic consent of all in the picture. Application-controlled toys may be permitted on a case-by-case basis with prior approval of the Dungeon Monitor and the use of tape to cover cell phone cameras. 

What is the smoking policy?

Some venues have outdoor smoking areas that are well marked. Please ensure you smoke only in those areas. Other venues will require that you leave the space and smoke on the street. If you are smoking on the street, please ensure you are appropriately dressed.


Can I get high before or during the event?

All AfterDark parties are drug and alcohol free. Please respect the other participants and refrain from using any illegal drugs at or before the event. If the event organizers suspect you are drunk or high, you may be asked to leave and you will not receive a refund.


Are safer sex supplies and cleaning supplies provided?

At all events you will find condoms, lube, chucks (puppy pads), alcohol, paper towels, and clean linens. 


What is AfterDark?

AfterDark Events is a POC, femme, queer, neurodivergent, and disabled led organization  that organizes exciting, curated, vaccinated kink experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Where does AfterDark hold parties and events?

We hold parties at different kink-friendly locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each event will note where it will be held.


What’s your minimum age to attend?

The minimum age to attend all AfterDark events is 18. You will be asked to show a valid ID prior to entry.


Do I have to participate or can I just watch?

Kink events can be overwhelming for newcomers. We strongly encourage first timers to socialize and watch at their first event. You are never obligated to participate at any AfterDark event and any pressure to do so should be brought to the attention of a DM or party host. 


Is it safe for single women to attend alone?

Yes! Many of our woman-identified past attendees have told us over and over again that they felt safe and comfortable at our events..


Are single men welcome or do men need a date?

Single men are welcome at our events and do not require a date to attend. 


Are trans, gender-queer and non-binary people welcome? How about people of color?

Absolutely! We strive to create a diverse and welcoming space for all. At any of our events you will find there are people from across the gender spectrum in attendance. One of our founding members is a POC and it’s part of our mission to welcome people of all backgrounds.


I use a mobility aid. Are your events accessible to me?

AfterDark endeavors to choose locations that are accessible. In the Bay Area, that can be difficult, but currently all of the spaces we use to hold events are accessible by wheelchair for 50-100% of the space. Please reach out to us if you have specific accessibility questions.

Are there private rooms available?

No. For safety and legal reasons, all of the spaces at our events are open. There may be semi-private corner’s but never private rooms.

Are there toys to buy or rent?

At this time, AfterDark does not have toys to rent. At some of our events, we do have vendors selling toys so you can expand your toybag.


I’m new to all of this. Are there classes or tours I can take?

Before your first event we recommend newcomers classes taught at Wicked Grounds. As often as possible we will have people available at each party to give tours and answer questions. When you arrive, ask and we’ll let you know.

What should I wear?

Dress your best, whatever that means for you. While there is no specific dress code, common dress at AfterDark events includes: formal, cocktail, club, business casual, lingerie, leather, latex, rubber, PVC, metal, glam, raver, drag, retro, uniform, cosplay, or nothing at all! When in doubt, wear black. Note that some venues may have outdoor areas that require partial coverage and you should expect to enter from a public-facing street, so we recommend bringing a cover up or street clothes to wear when you arrive and leave if your outfit is particularly risque. If you have any specific questions, please ask.

I had a problem at an event, how do I report that? 

We appreciate when people are able to report while still at the event. This helps us better understand what happened, who was involved and what we need to do about it. We know it’s not always possible to report at the time something happens, in those cases email us Include the name you’d like us to call you, the date of the event and any information you think we need to know. We promise to get back to you as quickly as possible.


What is AfterDark’s consent policy? 

Our consent policy is laid out in our rules. You can view our rules and consent policy here.


Is there a house safeword? 

At AfterDark parties the house safeword is “safeword”. This can be used by the top or bottom. If the safeword is used all parties involved in the scene should end all play, the DM and anyone else in the area will come to help you and a party host will come to check in with you. Please don’t hesitate to use the safeword.


What is a dungeon monitor (DM) and what is their role?

Dungeon monitors are there to ensure safety and enjoyment of the party. If you have questions about a scene you plan to do or think something is wrong in a scene please find a DM.


Is there parking? Are the venues BART accessible?

Currently all of the venues we use are within walking distance of a BART station and all parking is on local streets. Please always be aware of your surroundings when parking or walking from BART.


What are the ticket transfer and refund policies?

Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours before the event start time for this event and can be processed by following the link in email confirmation. At this time transferring tickets is not possible.

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